The thickness of bright cardstock paper is much more than that of an ordinary writing or printing paper. It is sturdy and does not tear apart easily. As it is highly customizable and can be personalized, therefore, one can easily alter its shape, size, or thickness according to some specific requirements. The surface of this paper is glossy and smoother due to which it can support all types of printing. Anything imprinted on this surface appears brighter since it ensures increased graphics. The visual appeal of this paper even increases more when it is in metallic, gloss, or matte versions. Here are a few advantages this paper offers when used for your project. 

Easy To Print On

The glossy surface of bright paper cardstock is ideal for printing. The smooth surface makes this paper highly printable for the:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Handwriting
  • Stamping,
  • and other craft projects

The traditional paper is dull, boring, and does not support any kind of printing. The main reason for the high printable nature of cardstock paper lies behind its bright surface. Moreover, this paper is jam-free, i.e., it does not affect the printer, which is being used for printing. Usually, the low-quality paper can jam the printer with its increased weight or density. But with cardstock, you are free from this worry as you can print on it without jamming your printer. As compared to some other sheets, the glossy cardstock utilizes lesser amounts of inks during printing. This can save a handsome sum of money for your project. 


Personalization is the key to the success of any project. If you are using glossy cardstock for your project, you can personalize it as per your needs or preferences. There are many misconceptions in the market that it is impossible to personalize this sheet as it has a bright base. No doubt, the base of this sheet is bright, but it can still be personalized in any way without affecting the bright base. If you are a business, you can imprint different types of branding elements on the smoother surface of this sheet for the effective promotion of your brand. For instance, the unique logo of your brand can be embossed or debossed to impress your clients in the very first impression. Similarly, the name, tagline, or slogan of your company can be imprinted with some versatile stylization effects. Furthermore, the flexibility of this sheet allows you to design it in any shape, size, or design of your choice. 

Luxurious finishing

Sometimes, you need to look upgrade your paper project. In this case, the texture and print finish are two good ways to go, but when you need a brighter print quality, the glossy cardstock is the way to go. This sheet is coated to have a premium and luxurious finish. Different kinds of coating formulations can be applied on this bright sheet to have a shiny finish. The following types of coatings can be used to impart a luxurious finishing to your glossy sheet:

  1. Porous coating: This type of finishing allows the ink to absorb into the sheet well, which ensures an eye-catchy sheet in the end.
  2. Non-porous coating: This kind of coating increase the visual appeal of your sheet and created by applying resin to the surface of the bright sheet. 

Sharper Image Reproduction

The glossy cardstock is a perfect choice for adding pictorial illustrations. This is because it allows more vibrant colors and brighter as well as sharper image production. The stains and smudges can prove disastrous for your paper project, as you will look highly unprofessional. When you place your fingers on ordinary sheets, some marks are left behind due to which their quality is affected largely. On the other hand, the glossy sheet is free from any kind of stain or smudge. Due to this, the illustrations and artwork done on your sheet are not affected at all. 

Ideal For Promotion

If you are running a paper project, the glossy cardstock can prove highly beneficial as it has the potential to effectively promote your brand. This sheet adds to the value of your business cards, brochures, or flyers, etc. Do not confuse this paper with the photo paper. This is because the photo sheet is too thick while the shiny cardstock is quite light, so it can be folded easily. All kinds of promotional stuff, such as your brand message or the services you are providing, can be printed on the shiny cardstock. Due to its enhanced graphics and visual appeal, it will grab the heed of potential clients. This will lead to your brand recognition, and the people will be able to differentiate you from others. 

Concluding to the point that bright cardstock paper proves highly advantageous for your paper project. It is highly printable due to its lesser density and jam-free nature. Due to its rich-featured nature, you can customize and personalize it in any way you want. The ability of sharper image reproduction is it’s another benefit. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for branding your project.